Child Support Legal Services

California law requires that each parent financially support his or her children to the best of his or her ability via child support payments. The proper amount a child support order is determined by the use of a statutory statewide formula which considers the income of both parties, the time the child spends with each party (custody and visitation), and a number of other variables. Some of the variables for child support calculation include but are not limited to:

  • Number of Tax Exemptions Claimed by Each Parent
  • Health Insurance Deductions
  • Mandatory Retirement Deductions
  • MortgageĀ Interest Deductions
  • Property Taxes
  • Work-Related Child Care Costs
  • Hardships

Child Support laws can vary from state to state. In the state of California, child support modifications are allowed at any time. However, those that are at guideline or above guideline require the parent(s) to disclose a significant change of circumstances and related documentation like net income change or income withholdings.

While court-ordered child support is based on this guideline, it is important to know that advocacy and interpretation by a child support attorney can have a significant impact on the child support orders and obligations in your case.

If you need legal help or guidance with your child support case contact Bremer Whyte Family Law offices for a consult. Our child support lawyers provide a wide range of legal services to ensure adequate child support payments are made to all parties.